Against the World by Winds of Plague

Winds of Plague is back ladies and gentlemen, with more skull crushing songs than you can bat an eye at. Their newest release, Against the World, is more Decimate the Weak then The Great Stone War, and, well, it just feels right. This record is full of songs literally overflowing with lyrical badass and faster tempos then you can bang your head to. That said, no record is without faults, and Against the World basks in its own.

Vocally and lyrically speaking, this album is a triumph for deathcore fans everywhere. Johnny Plague’s screaming is unique and when he throws in the near rap-like shouts they sound great. The album also feature some guest appearances, most notably Jamey Jasta of Hatebreed on the number four track “Built For War”.  Toss in gang vocals and over the top lyrics, and this record is a goldmine for the bands live set list. Warped Tour, anyone?

Musicianship is what has always made Winds of Plague different from the rest. The band is well known for their inclusion of symphonic and orchestra-like instrumentals into their tracks. These “effects”, so to speak, are less frequent this time around, but you wouldn’t really notice thanks to the well written songs that just sort of bounce. Most songs don’t fall into the “there is no pattern here whatsoever” category thanks to this.

There is, however , a certain amount of repetition that comes naturally from being a band in this genre. This album is a sensory assault and wears on you after a while. Depth is clearly not one of the bands concerns, either. Both of these gripes don’t make the album bad, but it can suffer from the to much of a good thing syndrome after  a while. Technicality is also lacking, but that should be accepted, and probably embraced, from a deathcore band like Winds of Plague.

Against the World gets a 4 out of 5


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