Ruination, by Job For A Cowboy

Pros: Vocals are good.


The Bottom Line: I wouldn’t recommend it as a whole, but individually songs aren’t bad.

Job For a Cowboy was a rising deathcore band up until this album, Ruination, their second album. It’s best they made their transition to death metal early, otherwise we wouldn’t have this album. It’s not a perfect album, but it really is a great metal album that any old fans of JFAC, or any fan of death metal, should enjoy.

The album is kicked off by Unfurling A Darkened Gospel. It’s a great track to start out with, as it shows a lot of talent from each band member. The vocalist, Davy, is extremely good at what he does, and at no time during this track does he falter. The guitar work of this track is also very skilled. It has a great balance of rhythm and speed, along with melody to make some killer death metal riffs. The solo in the song doesn’t fit the mood exactly, but it doesn’t lessen the greatness of the song, as although it is different, it only adds to the song and provides a nice change of pace. Drums include blast beats galore, and it’s welcome. I wouldn’t prefer anything else in this song. The bassist I can’t say much for, since it’s barely audible.
Overall, Unfurling A Darkened Gospel gets a solid 9/10.

Summon The Hounds follows, and it’s sadly a weaker track than the first. It’s by no means a bad song, just it’s not quite as good as its predecessor. The vocals contain some faster spit-screaming sort of thing, if that makes any sense. It’s not my personal favorite, but I’m sure many other people enjoy it. The song seems a little less memorable for part of it, and it seems to follow a pretty standard blast-beat death metal guitar formula. It’s an average death metal track, not bad at all, but not amazing.
Overall, I give Summon The Hounds a 7/10.

Constitutional Masturbation is next. The name itself is enough to catch your attention, and this song is an improvement over Summon The Hounds. It’s catchier, for starters. Guitar work and drums are nothing innovative, but they do their job well to make some pretty pissed off metal music. Vocals are great, and fit the song well. Not much else to say about this, cause at this point in the album you start to see how this album can start to get repetitive.
Overall, I give Constitutional Masturbation a 7.5/10.

Regurgitated Disinformation starts with an immediate blast beat with a guitar riff that directly correlates with the double-bass hitting, and it continues to do this for quite some time. Davy shows some prowess in high screams during this song, which is nothing short of a good thing, because the lows get redundant. There’s one guitar riff, however short lived, that I can commend. It’s different. Apart from that, the only thing I’d be willing to praise would be the vocals, they mix things up a little. By now I’m starting to get tired of the repetitiveness of the album.
Overall, I give Regurgitated Disinformation a 6/10.

March To Global Enslavement– Some unique vocal rhythm towards the middle of the song, but really it follows the same pattern as the previous songs, besides a short-lived guitar solo that shows some good compositional skill. The end of the song slows down, but it doesn’t help the problem of song variation. Must I keep listening?
Overall, I give March to Global Enslavement a 6/10.

Butchering the Enlightenment: I like this song better than the others, it shows some riffs that actually stand out from behind the constant blast beats and loud vocals. It’s a bit of a saving grace of the overly monotonous middle section of the album. Vocals are no different from the rest of the album, and neither are the blast beats, but hey guitar work is a tad better. But because of the continuing amount of repetitive structure…
Overall, I give Butchering the Enlightenment a 6/10.

Lords of Chaos doesn’t do much that’s daring either, but there’s a handful of sections of quick stops and pauses which adds some dimension to the otherwise predictable music. There’s also a change in speed near the end of the song that I welcomed, as it put some emphasis on the guitar and slowed down the ever-beating double bass drum.
Overall, I give Lords of Chaos a 6/10.

Psychological Immortality, while identifiable as it’s own song, again doesn’t do all that much to stand out. Sure there’s unique things about this track, such as its more prominent guitar work and less mindless blast beats, but it still becomes repetitive, though less than Regurgitated Disinformation.
Overall, I give Psychological Immortality a 6.5/10.

To Detonate and Exterminate has some nice tempo changes in it that changes up the song, which adds some depth to the song. Although that may not be enough to save the song, as it falls into the pits of the others, aka containing the exact sound each of the others has.
Overall, I give Detonate and Exterminate a 5/10.

Here comes the final track, the track which the album is named after: Ruination. The intro is promising, it opens slowly and distinctively. This song is definitely more recognizable than the rest of the songs on the album, as I had hoped, considering it’s placement in the album and its name. It’s a slower-paced track, which is nice. It focuses more on the aspect of epicness than speed and aggressiveness. Thank god, in case you didn’t notice I was getting a liiittle tired of the previous tracks on the album.
Overall, Ruination gets a 7/10.

To sum it up, the Ruination album as a whole is not good, I can’t stand the repetitiveness through all 40 minutes of it. However, the songs individually can be pretty solid. If you plan on putting the album into your MP3 player and playing on shuffle, I would say get the album. If you plan on putting this album into your car or CD player, I’d advise against it, because you’ll get tired of it. 40 minutes of this album through is enough to really irritate.

The album as a whole gets a 5/10 from me.


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