Odd Senses by Psyopus

Pros: The first and final tracks aren’t horrendous.

Cons: The rest of the album is.

The Bottom Line: This is just way too bad, how did these guys get signed? It’s noise.

There is no getting around the fact that Psyopus has some very technically talented musicians in the band… but what good is this without musicality?
A lot of this album just sounds like noise. Not all of it,  some of this album has some rhythm and is pleasant to listen to, but those moments are far too few. The band is undoubtedly a technical powerhouse, but that can’t save them from their poor music composition. The album is pretty disastrous in my opinion.

The album opens with the track called .44. It’s 53 seconds long and gives you a good preview of the rest of the album. It’s a soft spoken murderous snake-like voice at first, which then basically jumps into mindless extreme noise, to put it frankly. God only knows what they were thinking there.
I give .44 a 2/10, just because they made it short enough to be tolerable.

Then comes Medusa, which is shockingly not a terrible song. It has some groove, and some musicality, and not all of the technicality is mindless. No member of the band over rules the other, as all are clearly audible. Absolute mastery of the band members’ respective instruments shows in full, and in this song it’s pieced together fairly well. The vocals match up to the mood of insanity that this song generates, and they fit the music. That’s not necessarily good though, the majority of the song is just yelling at the top of his lungs. Also, the lyric content is, well…. bad.
I give Medusa a 6/10.

The Burning Halo… this song burns, alright. It has a pretty cool eerie intro, along with heavy riff for a measure or two, which actually makes you think “hey, maybe this will be music!”, but just a couple seconds later you realize how wrong you were. The guitar screeches high and obnoxiously, the drums just blast away, and does bass even exist? The vocals are no complaint, they’re fair enough for the genre. Later on in the song it starts to sound a little bit more like music, but along with more unpleasant screechy guitar riffs. Think of listening to nails on a chalkboard, only to a rhythm. Overall, the guitar work in this song is just irritating, and just ruins the song for me. Bass follows guitar, but isn’t screechy and obnoxious. This song, despite it being annoying, has a pretty memorable moment near the end of the song, when audio (presumably from a movie) comes in with the lyric “Demon, HOW ARE YOU?!”. It sounds good, even if the lyric is corny.
Overall, I give The Burning Halo a 4/10.

Time for Duct Tape Smile. I first heard this song on Tap Tap Revenge, to be honest… it was blisteringly hard. As to be expected, this song is all over the place. The lyrics are terrible. “Smile for the camera! oh jesus!” Drums blast away to a constantly sliding or hammer-on-ing guitar, and the bass is shoved in a corner, besides the 5 second solo. This song has very little to commend, as it’s nothing short of irritating with the constant changing of tempo, again screeching guitar, and terrible lyrics. The song ends with a girl screaming “LEAVE ME ALONE” and things of that nature. I can only assume she was listening to the song before she said that, and just wished with all her heart that it would let her be.
Overall, I give Duct Tape Smile a 2/10.

X and Y is where Psyopus gets a little more experimental. They have some bass oriented intermissions in the song that give you a break from the ear-blistering constant guitar solos, and they’re more than welcome. I enjoy those parts of the song, but sadly that’s about all I can tolerate from X and Y. Towards the end of the song though, it finally gives way to a regular tempo, which is also a welcome change.
Overall, I give X and Y a 4/10.

Boogeyman has an extremely annoying intro consisting of a bunch of random people’s words strung and clipped together to form sentences. Once the intro ends and the song takes over, despite the song being no better than the previous tracks, you feel some relief that it’s gone. But you haven’t heard the last of it, it comes back to haunt you during the song. Anything that this song has to offer, which isn’t much, as it suffers from the same problems as previous songs, is completely destroyed by the intro and the intermissions like the intro. I can almost guarantee you’ll be skipping the song almost every time it comes up.
Overall, I give Boogeyman a 1/10.

Imogen’s Puzzle Pt. 3 is up next. It’s an intermission track that seems to be a reversed song, so as soon as I heard it I though I decided to reverse the song and listen to it “forwards”. It’s a lot of drums, bass, and…. xylophone? It’s undoubtedly interesting. I much prefer to listen to it “forwards” than the original, it then actually makes some musical sense. I’m not going to rate this song, as it’s barely a song, but I will say that it makes an interesting addition to the album and I don’t dislike it.

Choker Chain just attacks your ears with its intro.. not in a good way. Then comes some MORE irritating voice intercepting the song. Repetitive, the same voice, repeating phrases like “I miss you” “I love you” “kiss me baby” incessantly. What were they thinking when they put together and published this song? Do yourself a favor, just pretend this song doesn’t exist.
Overall, I give Choker Chain a 0/10, and that’s being generous.

Hm… Ms Shyflower seems to have some musical traits to it. It’s tolerable, even with that godd*mn guitar going. Oh wait, nevermind, the guitar is still doing the same thing. Maybe if I wait a few more seconds… still the same high screech? Oh hey nevermind here’s something else… more annoying voice backgrounds… another annoying guitar piece… enough, must I say more? I expected no better at this point in the album.
Overall, I give Ms Shyflower a 2/10.

Thank jesus, the last track of the album, A Murder to Child. It’s sad how this album makes you think that. It begins with an interesting violin and guitar intro. Gradually it becomes more complex, and it really isn’t a pain to listen to, surprisingly. It then enters a more traditional sounding guitar and violin duet, and it really does sound fairly pleasant. It’s unlike anything else in the album. The entire song you expect the intro to cut out into the actual song. Then, once you reach about 7 minutes in, out of the 9:15, you realize that won’t happen. Regardless of it dragging on and on and on, it gives a good relief from the album, which is much needed by the time you reach the last track.
I give A Murder to Child a 7/10, as it’s the only song that doesn’t make your ears bleed (perhaps maybe Medusa), and it can actually be pretty nice to listen to.

I’m not gonna bother with a review of the hidden track.. it’s just a 20 minute track full of immature bad comedy and some random “music.”

Really, just keep away if you want to remain sane.

Overall, Odd Senses gets a 3/10.


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