Contagion by Oceano

Oceano is the heaviest, most pissed off band on the planet. This was a claim that went unsupported by the bands first album, Depths. It seemed that Oceano would fall into the generic, white noise sector of deathcore quickly if they could not produce an album worth hearing. Contagion is that album.

Contagion is a loose concept album dealing with an unstoppable virus, a government’s sadistic testing, and all sorts of things in that spectrum. It is the equivalent of a horror movie in terms of motivation. There are no double meanings or back masks here. This is pure, unadulterated death and destruction.

Vocally, Oceano is a force to reckoned with. Adam Warren uses a combination of piercing highs with traditional mids and lows. He also utilizes his own unique guttural scream that makes understanding the song nearly impossible but adds to the intensity ten fold. Do not fret, as this effect is never overused and is almost always well placed.

Musically, the band is not extremely special, but they are talented and get the job done. They do a good job of avoiding the common musical mishaps of the genre, such as overusing blast beats. Breakdowns are well written and placed, such as the one in Viral Re-Animation, and are sure to keep the live shows going strong.

Oceano proves it has potential with Contagion, but the repetition that is present, especially later in the album, keeps the record from being considered classic material.

Contagion gets a 3.5 out of 5.


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