Zombie EP by The Devil Wears Prada

The last time The Devil Wears Prada released an EP was their first ever publication of their music, Patterns of a Horizon. This release is only a diversion from their upcoming fourth studio album, but they didn’t let up. It’s relentless, by far their wildest recording to date. It’s heaviest, and really shows what they’ve got. This is the record that is really pushing them to the top of the metalcore rankings.

Vocally, the Zombie EP is Mike Hranica’s best performance yet. The growls are devastating and the highs are much improved, but retain his signature sound. Meanwhile, Jeremy Depoyster, belts out the best clean vocals we’ve seen, or heard for that matter, from him yet. They are faster, cleaner, and used less often but in more fitting places. The vocals on the Zombie EP crush anything on With Roots Above… or Plagues.

The guitar work and drums are also much improved, evolving from past releases to faster, more vicious tempos, beats and riffs. Breakdowns are perfectly placed and used often, which is fine for a release of this nature. The Devil Wears Prada are obviously not trying to make the next great metal album to stand the test of time with the Zombie EP, they’re showcasing their new and improved sound and having some fun with a faster, more light hearted record.

By then end, the Zombie EP left me wanting more. It got me excited for the bands new material and serves as a great addition to anyone’s musical library, and for five bucks, who could resist?

The Zombie EP gets a 5 out of 5


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