Reckless and Relentless by Asking Alexandria

Ladies and gentlemen, the Asking Alexandria album we’ve all been waiting for is finally here. After a lackluster EP release and wait that feels like forever, the verdict is in. Just how did Reckless and Relentless turn out? Amazing.

Vocally, AA has only improved. The screams are more vicious and technical, and the clean vocals fit the style of the album perfectly. The songwriting is also far superior to that of Stand Up and Scream, taking on topics such as religious beliefs (and lack there of) and poser bands.

The instrumentals have stayed at roughly the same quality, which is that of just about every metalcore band on the modern scene. They serve the purpose, and are often quite enjoyable, just don’t expect extreme technicality and skill in the vain of bands like Dream Theater, but none of you did anyway.

Major gripes with this album are thankfully absent. There is truly nothing to complain about, unless you are someone who will hate Someone, Somewhere, a fully clean vocal track. This album truly shows the maturation of Asking Alexandria from a somewhat unoriginal, generic metal band in an overcrowded market to the real deal, and a moshing, head banging force to be reckoned with.

Reckless and Relentless gets a 4.5 out of 5.


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