Ruination, by Job For A Cowboy

Ruination album art

Pros: Vocals are good. Cons: REPETITIVENESS. The Bottom Line: I wouldn’t recommend it as a whole, but individually songs aren’t bad. Job For a Cowboy was a rising deathcore band up until this album, Ruination, their second album. It’s best they made their transition to death metal early, otherwise we wouldn’t have this album. It’s … Continue reading

Over The Top, by White Wizzard

Over The Top

Pros: Heavy metal at it’s best: metal voice, killer guitar, epic bass lines, grooving and accenting drums. Cons: Some repetition later on in the album. The Bottom Line: Terrific album, blows the water out of a good amount of modern metal you see nowadays. It has some minor flaws, but does well despite this. Hailing … Continue reading

Odd Senses by Psyopus

Odd Senses

Pros: The first and final tracks aren’t horrendous. Cons: The rest of the album is. The Bottom Line: This is just way too bad, how did these guys get signed? It’s noise. There is no getting around the fact that Psyopus has some very technically talented musicians in the band… but what good is this … Continue reading

Contagion by Oceano

Oceano is the heaviest, most pissed off band on the planet. This was a claim that went unsupported by the bands first album, Depths. It seemed that Oceano would fall into the generic, white noise sector of deathcore quickly if they could not produce an album worth hearing. Contagion is that album. Contagion is a loose concept album dealing … Continue reading

There Is A Hell… by Bring Me The Horizon

There Is a Hell, Believe Me I’ve Seen It, There Is a Heaven Let’s Keep It A Secret is the third full length album from UK rockers Bring Me The Horizon, who are commonly on the receiving end of much hatred from the metal community. They are usually labeled as fake metal, normally because of their many … Continue reading