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Against the World by Winds of Plague

Winds of Plague is back ladies and gentlemen, with more skull crushing songs than you can bat an eye at. Their newest release, Against the World, is more Decimate the Weak then The Great Stone War, and, well, it just feels right. This record is full of songs literally overflowing with lyrical badass and faster tempos then … Continue reading

Sucide Silence to release “The Black Crown” this summer.

Suicide Silence has confirmed via their Facebook page and live at The Extreme Thing that their newest record will be entitled The Black Crown. The album was produced by Steve Evetts, who has also done work with Every Time I Die and Hatebreed. Three songs have been confirmed this far. They are Human Violence, Cancerous … Continue reading

Ruination album art

Ruination, by Job For A Cowboy

Pros: Vocals are good. Cons: REPETITIVENESS. The Bottom Line: I wouldn’t recommend it as a whole, but individually songs aren’t bad. Job For a Cowboy was a rising deathcore band up until this album, Ruination, their second album. It’s best they made their transition to death metal early, otherwise we wouldn’t have this album. It’s … Continue reading

Over The Top

Over The Top, by White Wizzard

Pros: Heavy metal at it’s best: metal voice, killer guitar, epic bass lines, grooving and accenting drums. Cons: Some repetition later on in the album. The Bottom Line: Terrific album, blows the water out of a good amount of modern metal you see nowadays. It has some minor flaws, but does well despite this. Hailing … Continue reading

Odd Senses

Odd Senses by Psyopus

Pros: The first and final tracks aren’t horrendous. Cons: The rest of the album is. The Bottom Line: This is just way too bad, how did these guys get signed? It’s noise. There is no getting around the fact that Psyopus has some very technically talented musicians in the band… but what good is this … Continue reading